As the city anticipates the arrival of Valentine’s Day, Hutong Dubai, extends a warm invitation to couples seeking an extraordinary celebration on this special occasion. The restaurant is set to offer an exclusive and curated experience available only on February 14th, promising a night of romance, culinary delights, and the enchanting atmosphere that defines Hutong.

The focal point of this celebration is the Hutong Lover’s Nest, an exquisite dessert crafted to perfection and priced at AED 48. This sweet masterpiece harmonises decadent ingredients in a symphony of flavours, encapsulating the essence of romance in every bite.

Complementing the dessert is the Silky Passion Cocktail, priced at AED 68. This signature drink, a blend of mango, kumquat, and silver needle soda, is a toast to the passion that unites hearts, providing a sip of pure indulgence on this special day.

Couples are invited to immerse themselves in the ambiance of love at Hutong Dubai this Valentine’s Day, creating cherished memories with the one they hold dear. These exclusive offerings are available solely on an à la carte basis, ensuring an intimate and memorable experience. Celebrate love in its purest form this Valentine’s Day at Hutong Dubai — where every moment is a melody, and every bite is a symphony of romance.

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