Step into a realm of unparalleled opulence as we proudly unveil The Flaming Duck, a true emblem of gastronomic distinction. Conceived by the renowned Chef Martin Mak, with over 50 years of experience mastering his craft, this masterpiece was born in Hong Kong and now graces the tables of Hutong, offering an exclusive sensory journey.

Experience a symphony of senses as flames waltz, liberating captivating aromas that dance in the air. Under Chef Martin Mak’s masterful touch, the duck undergoes a metamorphosis tableside, emerging with impeccable crispiness that introduces layers of flavor and texture to each bite.

The Flaming Duck is available only through pre-purchase, with a limited allocation each night. This culinary treasure, coveted for its uniqueness, has garnered imitations but remains solely an authentic offering at Hutong.

Elevate your evening with this extraordinary dining experience – reserve your opportunity to savor the exclusive Flaming Duck, an epitome of refinement that transcends the ordinary, and discover the unmatched legacy of BBQ Master Chef Martin Mak

Available daily for AED538 for a Whole Duck

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